Open Call 2021 – Winners Exhibition - Delphian Gallery London

Delphian Gallery’s Open Call is an annual free-to-enter online competition with the intention of discovering the most captivating and challenging work by emerging and early-career artists. Delphian Gallery choose 42 incredibly exciting artists for the 2021 winners exhibition.

Exhibition Runs: 3rd August – 14th August

The exhibition will be held in partnership with Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop at their space in West London.

The Delphian Open Call 2021

Open Call 2021 – Winners Exhibition

Delphian Gallery’s Open Call is an annual free-to-enter online competition with the intention of discovering the most captivating and challenging work by emerging and early-career artists. Delphian Gallery choose 42 incredibly exciting artists for the 2021 winners exhibition.

Exhibition Runs: 3rd August – 14th August

The exhibition will be held in partnership with Uniy 1 Gallery | Workshop at their space in West London.


CLICK ON invisible LINK: https://www.blueshopcottage.com/shop


In the window of the former Broese bookshop on the Stadhuisbrug / Oudegracht, Moving Gallery Utrecht now presents 4 artworks from the successful exhibition RAAKVLAKKEN (28 November - 20 December)


From left to right: 

Maeve van Klaveren: Splendid Isolation (2020) pastel pencil, soft pastel and watercolor on paper (30 x 30 cm, with frame 37.5 x 37.5) price, including frame with museum glass: € 590  

Rik Berkhout : Geometric Painting # 5 (2020) acrylic on linen, 160 x 130 cm, € 2900 

Maeve van Klaveren: Girl in Curtain Room (2018) pastel pencil, soft pastel and watercolor on paper (87 x 124 cm) € 1700 

Rik Berkhout: Geometric Painting # 1 (2018) acrylic on linen, 30 x 40 cm, € 580 incl. Frame 

For more information: click here >klik hier  https://www.movinggallery.nl/exposities/ 


MovingGallery presents RAAKVLAKKEN (interfaces) with Rik Berkhout and Maeve van Klaveren. They both present works made up of color fields. The surprise was that the palettes of both artists appeared to have common ground: in their color tones they become related to each other.


28 November - ******* December

Mgr. van de Weteringstraat 69



Graphicaldesign: Studio Kisman 





~ ARTISTINTHEWORLD ~ by André Smits 

The starting point of this project - an endless journey through the art world, photographing artists and art professionals backwards in their 



Oct 23-24-25 in expo at Galerie Larik the photo’s along with art of each artist will be displayed on a giant wallpainting and sculptures by André Smits and Monika Dahlberg.


(Al art is for sale! From €100,- up to max €1000,- )


Open: Oct 23-24-25 

from 10:00 to 20:00

Nachtegaalstraat 82, Utrecht


GENEROUS ~ Marc Mulders / Group exhibition


Opening exhibition

Sunday the 23rd of August / 15:00


Halvemaanstraat 30

5651 BP Eindhoven



Many doors were suddenly forced to close, even if an event was still in full swing. Almost everyone disappeared behind his or her door. Life came to a standstill. Slowly but surely the fear is disappearing, and freedom is emerging. Luckily, I had already been in touch with Marc Mulders, we felt we should celebrate freedom and thereby show and do what we believe in!

We each have our own world but also share a great deal. And we thought of something that is usually not very sensible: to organise an exhibition as quickly as possible. Right in the middle of the summer, to celebrate and to show all the things that have happened behind closed doors in the past months.

As ever, Marc wanted to share; the place, the attention, possibilities with other artists and the beauty for and with everyone. So everyone is welcome! The (art)fairs remain closed for the time being, but we are open.

Six artists

Marc has invited six artists to exhibit with him. He has been following three of these artists for a while already, and the other three have just graduated. Marc has supported these artists at Kunstpodium T in Tilburg and now works together with them in an exhibition mentor project. This exhibition will be their first podium after the academy.

The exhibition opens on Sunday 23 Augustus at 15:00. You are more than welcome to attend. Of course, we will adhere to the current measures and perhaps more importantly, how you want to deal with them. After the opening, you can visit the exhibition every day until Sunday 4 October.


Participating artists:



Marc Mulders

Pleun Moons

Jet Pronk

Christina de Korte




Erik-Jan van der Schuur

Jenetta de Konink

Maeve van Klaveren

more info: click here https://pietheineek.nl/product/maeve-van-klaveren



24/25 July & 31 July/1 Aug ~ to be seen during pop-up dinner/ and after (18:00/ 23:00) in the Werkspoorkathedraal. With watercolor paintings of fish and musicians

Info: www.werkspoorkade.nl/popup www.werkspoorkade.nl/popup

Address: Tractieweg 43, Utrecht

Open weekend Art Utrecht / Galleries & Art Spaces

Open weekend Art Utrecht / Galleries & Art Spaces

12 - 14, 20 - 21 and 27 - 28 June, galleries, art spaces and artists present themselves in the former Broese bookstore on the Oudegracht. Including some of my works with MOVING GALLERY UTRECHT


12.00 - 18.00

Address: Oudegracht 112-b 


Many galleries, art spaces and museums are also open during Art Utrecht.



GOT IT FOR CHEAP: We are overwhelmed with all the messages we have received from artists and collectors that wants us to open up the GIFC vault and do an online version of the show, we agree! Art events all over the world are canceled or postponed, and GIFC is putting all upcoming events on hold until it’s safe to gather huge groups of people again. In a time where we can’t do physical events we have come up with an online project, HOT PAPER. 


HOT PAPER art project is launching later TODAY - Sunday April 5 

6pm (Norway) /12pm (East coast)/ 9am (west coast) 


www.gifc.art ---------- https://www.instagram.com/gifcworldwide/



"Showhouse JayJay is an initiative of artists Heidi Ukkonen and Ralf Kokke. From April 7, 2020 - 6PM a online sales exhibition is launched via instagram. One can buy a piece of art for € 300. There are 100 participating artists from around the world. 



Together with Lino en MOOS a shop for second-hand/ durable children's clothing and toys I have developed a series of postcards. The cards have a watercolor drawing of animals and balloons, printed on recycled paper. 

You can buy them at: 


Lino en MOOS

Jan van Galenstraat 107 

1056 BK Amsterdam


And also by sending me a email: info@maevevanklaveren.nl


I’m happy to announce that I’m one of the artists of this year’s ZomerExpo at MUSEUM DE FUNDATIE in Zwolle.

Out of 3200 entries  250 artworks are selected for this EUROPE SUMMER EXHIBITION 2019.

The ZomerExpo is an exhibition organized by ArtWorlds.

The theme of this expo 2019 is ‘Europe’, a highly topical, given the European elections on 23 May 2019.



25 May - 1 September

Museum de Fundatie

Blijmarkt 20, Zwolle

Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th

Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th, is a chance each year to explore the stories of extinct and critically endangered species, cultures, lifeways, and ecological communities.


Muiderberg/ het Gooi, Holland, 30/11: Afternoon and evening ceremony, talks, films, music, art


Theme: Self Portrait

In 2018 (for the third time) the Foundation Dutch Portrait Prize organises 'the Weekend of the portrait'. This year's theme is 'self portrait '. From all the submitted works they selected 112 self-portraits (I show one big portrait) to be on display during the Weekend of the portrait. Come to the Weekend, from 31 August to 2 september in Loods6 in Amsterdam. 



FINISSAGE 'Are you presence?'

Finissage on Sunday 27th May from 15.00 till 19.00 


Galerie Sophie, Paviljoensgracht 70, The Haque


During Hoogtij#52 at 9th March 2018, you can visit the opening of my solo exhibition at gallery Sophie and more than 20 other art locations throughout the inner city of the Hague on Friday evening from 19.00-23.00! 

Galerie Sophie, Paviljoensgracht 70, the Haque





The “Got it for Cheap” shows are a way for young artists to garner international exposure, and gives young collectors or fans a way to purchase works from beginning and established artists. On show my work and work of other talended artist.




The first show in the series will be 26 – 28 May at the Art Athina fair in Athena, Greece. Followed by a show on sept 2-3 in Copenhagen with the Chart Art Fair and presenting the show in the courtyard of the Charlottenborg Kunsthal. Subsequently there will be a show in there newly opened 0-0 LA space in Los Angeles and another in Oslo December in collaboration with Rod Bianco Gallery. Data follows!